"I've been suspended! What do I do?"

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"I've been suspended! What do I do?" Empty "I've been suspended! What do I do?"

Post  Dark'n Stormy Nite on Thu Jan 05, 2012 11:11 pm

If you are suspended, there are some things you need to know. Some information that will help you, and possibly end your suspension immediately.

Vista Users: If you use Vista, or the new TT launcher, you won't get much information that you're suspended. When you use the launcher, and type in your information, you will get a "Username and/or Password not recognized". If this happens, try it again, type it slow and make sure you didn't miss any letters. If it says the same thing after a few times, go to the ToonTown homepage. Type in your information there. If you are suspended, you will be redirected to a page that states you have been suspended for 72 hours. They won't give you much information, and normally it will say for violation of House Rules. Here is a sample of what it may say:
***NOTE*** Users who use the website are one step ahead. As soon as you log in you will receive the message.


Your account has been suspended based on a violation of the Walt Disney Internet Group's Terms of Use.
Your account is in the process of being reinstated.

Your suspension will end in 3 days.

For more information on Walt Disney Group's (WDIG's) House Rules, please visit our FAQ page.
It will have a box you can click that says "OK". If you click that, it will tell you your account suspension is over. However, it's just a glitch in the website, and you really have to call them or wait a few days. Sometimes it will say that you must call their account services management. If this is the case, you will call them and may possibly have the suspension upheld. If it doesn't say this, and says what I quoted above, then you should still call them to find out why you are suspended and if there is a way for it to be upheld.

You must call the number below and give them the information asked:


Information you must give:
1) Your first name.
2) Your account name.
3) Your phone number.
4) Times that they can call you
***NOTE*** You MUST say a time. If they can call you anytime say ANYTIME, but you must give a time or they may not call you back
5) Some brief explanation as to why you are calling them.

***NOTE*** They will not pick up right away. You have to leave a message, and as long as you tell them everything I said to say, they will call you back. If you don't get a call within 6 hours, call them again and say the same things. This number is used to find out what you did, and if there is a way to have your account suspension upheld. They will ask for your information to verify you're the account holder, make sure you know it. If everything goes according to plan, they will tell you that they have been able to upheld the suspension, or they will tell you that it will end in 3 days.

If they do say you have to wait the 3 days, they won't give you the exact reason you were suspended. They may tell you that you gave our personal info, used bad language, or something of the sort but will not tell you exactly what you said. If you want to know that information, you can email them at:

Information you must give to receive a chat log:
1) Your account ID.
2) The e-mail address used for the account.
3) The Date of Birth on the account.

***NOTE*** This is mainly used to receive the chat log. You email them if you want to know exactly what you said that got you suspended. This may not be the exact reason. They look at the chat logs and find things you have done that has broke house rules, but these are not the people that actually suspended you and it may not be the reason you got suspended. When I was suspended my first time, I emailed them more than once and they sent me more than 1 chat log. Then when I realized I needed to call them, they told me they made a mistake. So although what you did broke house rules, it may not be the exact reason you were suspended.

(Keep in mind, you may get suspended for something stupid while someone else does something inappropriate and didn't get caught. Unfortunately that is how life will always be. If you get suspended, be aware that they WILL be watching you. Keep yourself as clean as possible, and don't use ANY numbers. Don't even spell out numbers. If you wish to do that, I suggest talking with your friends on something else, such as an Instant Messenger, and only talking about ToonTown while playing. Anything related to real life could get you suspended, so just keep that in mind.)

If this is your first time, or one of just a few times, to be suspended then you will get your account back in a minimum of 3 days, or 72 hours. I say minimum, because when you call them they may or may not be able to uphold the suspension.
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