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Post  Dark'n Stormy Nite on Fri Jan 06, 2012 11:33 pm

Point System Guide

When someone makes a post in an area, they are rewarded points.
You can earn different amounts of points by posting in different areas or creating threads.

Here is a guide of the point values

Gain Per Profile Message: 5 points
Gain Per Friend: 10 points
Gain Per Day since Registration: 5 points
TT/Disney Polls & Surveys- 8 per post | 10 per thread
Welcome Valley- 10 per post | 30 per thread
Clans- 5 per post | 12 per thread
The Playground/Toon Parties/Trolley Central- 5 per post | 10 per thread
The Fishing Hole/Estates & Gardening/Speedway Derby/Acorn Acres/Golfing- 5 per post | 10 per thread
ToonTown Guides/ Help Requests/ Code Swap Area/ Taxi Rides- 10 per post | 15 per thread
Technical Help with ToonTown- 8 per post | 8 per thread
Off Topic Area/ Arts, Shops, and Creativity/Toony Tales/Activities & Forum Games- 10 per post | 15 per thread

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