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Post  Lady Lemonzap on Thu Jan 05, 2012 6:07 pm

Site Rules Nrfsr

Policies and Overview of Nutty River Forum's Rules

Nutty River Forums is a forum for people of all ages. Our goal is to provide a
moderated, safe environment for Toontown players to converse about
gameplay, participate in clans, and be able to express their opinion. As
with any other forum, rules and policies must be enforced to keep
topics and members civil. The purpose of this thread is to clearly lay
out our policies.

Specific Rules
All of these rules apply to what we call "open forum". Open forum is
defined as an area that is open to all users, regardless of age, status,
etc. These apply to anything that is posted (like text, pictures, etc),
to private forums that otherwise do not have their own rules thread,
and to the IRC (Toon Chat).Inappropriate Discussion
This is a forum for people of all ages - this means that everyone from
young children to adult seniors reside here. We do not allow any of the
following to be posted in open forum:

  • Illegal Activities
  • Strong Violence
  • Sexual Content/Nudity. Please note that this also applies to in-game images, regardless of intent.
  • Age-Restricted Activities
  • Language meaning any of the above
  • References to any of the above.
  • Pornography - This results in an instant and indefinite permanent ban.
Inappropriate Language
Profanity and certain words used in place of are not allowed. Profanity
of extreme nature will result in a 7-day suspension up to a permanent

If you post a word that turns into asterisks by our filter, it is never
allowed. Please use the Preview Post feature before submission to
ensure your words are not converted into asterisks.

Note that the word "crap" is allowed, however. Also, "Hell" is only
allowed when used in reference to the location - Using it profanely
constitutes a rule violation.

Personal Information
As with all online communities, there is a risk of criminals using
specific information as a tool in harming you. ToonTownHall staff
already puts in a great amount of effort to ensure your safety is
guaranteed, but we require that you also do your part and do not post or
ask for any of the following:

  • Any information that
    could be used to track your location. We will allow up to state/province
    level to be posted, but anything more specific (such as districts,
    cities, addresses, landmarks, etc.) will be edited.

  • Usernames
  • Passwords
  • Account names
  • E-mail addresses
  • Last/Middle Names
  • Ages
  • School Grade Number
  • Pictures detailing any of the above
  • Contents
    from PMs/IRC Transcripts (Unless approval given by both parties, and
    contents conform to other site rules). Screen names must not be actual
    messenger account names.

Personal pictures of you, friends, family, past trips, etc., are allowed, but ONLY in an album that is set to "Private".

Lastly, please report any instances of solicitations for account
information/phishing to an Administrator. These are punishable by a
permanent ban.

Game Codes

Game codes are ONLY allowed to be posted for other members in our Code
Swap Shop and in visitor messages, since these two areas cannot be
accessed by guests. If you would like your code to remain private,
please use a private message.

Otherwise, you are not allowed to post game codes in forum. You may post
a thread saying that you want to exchange game codes via Private
Message, but you may not actually post them within the thread. Game
codes include, but are not limited to, Toontown "True Friend"/"Secret
Friend" codes, one-way console friend codes, etc.

Non-English Languages
We allow thread titles, common greetings, and proper nouns that are in
non-English to be posted on the forum. However, anything else that is
posted in non-English MUST have the proper translation included.

Please note that whatever is said in any language must adhere to all
other site rules.

Off-Topic Discussion
A thread is created for a specific topic. We expect posts in said thread
to be in response to the original post or another post within the
thread. We don't mind if a thread is steered in a different direction,
but otherwise, it is against site rules.

Outside Links

We are not adverse to the slight mentioning of other sites (Note that
this does not apply to R or X-rated/illlicit sites), but linking to it
or including the gTLD (such as ".com", ".net", etc.) is prohibited.

Unsolicited posts or PMs are not allowed. If you are a clan leader and
you want to greet a new user/advertise to your own members, that is
acceptable, but only one message per clan. Doing otherwise is just an
annoyance to users.

Posts with only smilies in them or otherwise contribute nothing to a

thread are considered spam. The only forum the smiley policy doesn't
affect is the Activities and Games forum, under General Off-Topic.

Also keep in mind that any additional accounts created for the sole

purpose of advertising will earn a permanent ban. Using your own account
to advertise some sort of product for personal gain or an outside link
may result in a suspension.

Naming Names

If you want to rant about/talk negatively about someone who offended you
in-game, that is fine, however, their specific names cannot be
mentioned under any circumstances (this includes the common TT

Trolling is posting for the sake of being an antagonist. Users who post
just for devaluing a thread, harassing the general forum, etc., are
often considered "trolls". If you see trollish posts, please ignore and
report it to staff.

Keep in mind that this rule is subject to the severity of the post in question.

Flaming is a hostile interaction between users. This is classified by
posts/specific lines whose sole intent is to offend, anger, or insult
another user. We will not stand for any kind post as described above.
This applies to all areas of the forum. NO EXCEPTIONS. Correlating with
this rule are the following:

  • Cyber-Bullying
  • Cyber-Stalking
  • Discrimination:
    Referencing, posting, taking action, or other content based on
    someone’s race, religion, culture, background, language skills, color,
    or personally identifying traits is strictly prohibited and will incur a
    suspension/permanent ban.

  • Harassment of any type; may result in stronger disciplinary action than usual.
  • Preaching
    - We have no problem with anyone's faith no matter what it is, as long
    as they are comfortable with other's faiths and do not come seeking
    converts. This means absolutely no preaching for one faith or against

  • Extortion
  • Threats - Threatening physical harm against another user results in an immediate and permanent ban.
Keep in mind that this rule is subject to the severity of the post in question.

Hacker Discussion

Discussing the technical aspects of hacking or otherwise encouraging hacking on Toontown is prohibited.

Note that there is a distinct difference between hacking, glitching, and

using third-party software. We do not endorse, condone, or ensure
safety with your use of any third-party program or glitch, but
discussion is allowed.


Any posts, guides, images and/or other items that are deemed to be a
copy of someone else's work used without permission will be removed as
recognized or at the request of the creator.

Impersonating Another User

Creating an account that is very similar to another user is not allowed. This may result in a suspension.

Back-Seat Moderating (BSM)
It is a moderator's job to moderate the forum, not your own. If you see a post that violates a site rule, report it.

Discussing Moderator Actions
This is prohibited in open forum. If you have an issue with a moderator or the action they took,
contact an Administrator.

Misc. Notes

  • Posting in the Correct Forum
    - Please post in the appropriate forum. Don't be upset if we move your
    post to a more appropriate forum. In the event you find your post
    "missing", please attempt to locate it in what might be a more
    appropriate forum by using the Search feature.

  • Using the Report Button
    - There is a report button for every kind of post; it is usually on the
    far right at the top corner or at the bottom left corner depending on
    what kind of post it is. When you report a post, all of staff are
    notified via a new thread in a private forum where we may review the
    post and discuss action needed. Do not reply to a thread for the
    purposes of pointing out a site rule violation (back seat moderating);
    use the report button.

  • Private Messages - We do not employ any board modifications to
    allow us to read private messages, and the board itself does not have a
    method for this on its own, so, as with reputation, rule violations must
    be reported to staff in order to be actioned.

  • Irritating Post Styles - Please refrain from using
    bright/contrasting text colors for posting. They make posts very
    difficult to read. This includes profile customizations.

  • Shared IPs
    - If another account appears under your IP, you will receive a PM
    inquiring about it. Users are not allowed to have more than one account
    for themselves (note: staff members are allowed multiple accounts for
    testing purposes). Any duplicates will be banned. If another account
    appears under your IP that is a family member's, friend's, etc., then we
    will update a master list in staff area. We do this to ensure that each
    person has their own separate history, separate posts, etc.

  • Deleting Accounts - We do not delete accounts (with the exception of COPPA refusal).
  • Double posts and Thread Bumping - All double+ posts will be merged if they are made within 24 hours of each other.
  • Video - Videos are not allowed to be posted anywhere in open forum.
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