Trunks Fixed and Accessories Found!

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Trunks Fixed and Accessories Found!  Empty Trunks Fixed and Accessories Found!

Post  Dark'n Stormy Nite on Sat Jan 07, 2012 2:23 am

Trunks Fixed and Accessories Found!

Trunks Fixed and Accessories Found!  Game-in-browser-661x435

Toons’ accessory trunks are once again working and ready to be used – no thanks to some tricky tampering by those cranky Cogs!
Toon Council is already working with Clarabelle to get any missing
accessories back to Toons who lost them when using their trunks over the
past few days.

The missing accessories will be shipped back to you over the next
couple days, through the mailbox on your Toon Estate, just as good as

If you lost more than one accessory, you may not receive
them in your mailbox all in the same shipment. So keep checking your
mailbox over the next couple of days until all your replaced accessories
have arrived.

You may see more than one of the SAME accessory in your mailbox –
no problem! Just take out the one you want to keep and put it on, or
stash it away in your trunk.
Toons can have only one of each item they own, and that includes accessories.

We recommend you clear out any old items you may still have
sitting in your mailbox, to make sure there’s plenty of room for your
accessories when they arrive.
We thank you again for your patience!

Trunks Fixed and Accessories Found!  95
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