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Post  Dark'n Stormy Nite on Sat Jan 07, 2012 12:09 am

The method I have been using when it comes to fishing is nothing new
(I’m very sure of it), nor is it a trick. I’m sure there have been many
other toons that have used this method before I have. Again, not sure
if you can call these tips, but it’s a good thought since it has seemed
to work for me. Below are the last fish I caught and the number of fish
it took before that new species:

64 - Old Crab (no stats)
65 - Grand Piano 3974 fish (MM tenor in River)
66 - All Star – 4688 fish (Home Pond in River)
67 - Full Moon – 6265 fish (DDL PG in River)
68 – Grizzly – 9795 fish (TB Walrus in Giggleyham)
69 – Ray – 9110 fish (TB PG in River)
70 – Concord – 40,963 fish (TB PG in Gigglyham)

As you can see from my stats above, it has taken me very little effort
to catch new species. I have not been fishing everyday, nor have I been
fishing all day, except for the day I caught the Full moon. To give
you a timeline, I maxed law back at the end of April and started fishing
and racing sometime thereafter; so let’s say I’ve been fishing about 7
weeks looking for my last 7 fish.

The Methods I have been using:
I have been following the fishing checklist and fish at the appropriate
ponds (as anyone should). I fish at the respective ponds and stay at
one dock, no switching docks or anything. The reason I stay at one dock
is because I have learned to fish very well at these specific docks so I
catch a fish with almost every cast. This means more fish in a shorter
amount of time. I have averaged about 100 fish (5 buckets) every 8 to 9
min or so, as long as I’m not being a chatter box with people LOL.
After about 200 fish at that specific pond and district with no new
species, I will switch districts (any district) and go to the same dock
and pond and fish there too. I also don’t switch ponds. I will stay at
that same pond during the entire time I am fishing. I will only switch
ponds from one day to the next.

I will usually fish every other day with trying to catch anywhere
between 500-1000 fish per day. There have also been plenty of times I
didn’t fish for a few days! That leaves me free to work on other stuff
on the days I don’t fish. Since I average about 8-9 min for 100 fish (5
buckets), it usually takes me anywhere between 50-90 min, plus add a
few minutes for running back and forth to the fisherman to turn in your
buckets. Again, these numbers are assuming that I am not sitting there
talking or carrying a conversation. At times I do talk, I have noticed
it takes me about twice as long to catch the same number of fish. Since
I am only fishing about 50-90 min per day, this leaves me even more
time to participate in other TT activities, even on the days I do fish.

One of the things I do believe when it comes to fishing is that there is
a set number of fish you need to catch before your next new species
becomes available to you. If you look at my stats above, numbers 65 and
66 took roughly about the same number of fish, just like 68 and 69. I
feel that the higher you go up in fish, the higher the minimum of fish
you need to catch before your new species becomes available, regardless
what remaining fish you need. What I’m saying is that to catch number
66 might require a minimum of 2,000 fish, while 69 requires 6,000 for
the new species to become available. I can’t say this is actual, but
just a possibility. This is where the brut force comes in, but I just
don’t think it requires all too much.

Also, people seem to think that if you begin catching fish with new
records, you are on your way to catching a new species. Out of all the
above fish I have named above, none of them came while I was getting new
records. One thing I did notice is when I caught numbers 66-69, I
started catching other rare fish before I caught my new species. Take
for example, when I caught the Full Moon, I caught the Holy Mackarel a
few hundred fish before. The same for when I was looking for the
Grizzley and the Ray. I caught the Grizzley lastnight a few hundred
fish before I came down with the new species Devil Ray.

One tip that has been in back of my mind is that I will tend to stay at
ponds a little longer than 200 fish if I am catching the same type of
fish I want. Since I have been looking for the Concord, I will stay at a
pond longer than 200 fish so as long as I am catching plenty of PBJ

To sum up everything that I do:
1. I fish every other day, or every few days, don’t fish everyday
2. I fish for no more than 1000 fish a day on days I do fish
3. I fish at the appropriate ponds
4. I remain on same dock and pond I’m fishing at, but only switch districts
5. I switch districts after about 200 fish
6. I will stay at the pond for more than 200 fish only if I am catching similar fish I am looking for

Well I sure hope this helps anyone that needs some guidance for fishing.
I know it’s a long hard road, but the only way you will catch these
pesky fish is if you buckle down and fish. Have fun!

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